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Garfield Bowen

Executive Producer, Good Neighbor Podcast JAX

Publisher Riverside Avondale Neighbors, Ortega Neighbors, San Marco Neighbors


Good Neighbors Podcast Jacksonville is a platform that allows local businesses and charities to introduce themselves to their neighbors. As the executive producer, my role is to facilitate this by making sure this podcast is the channel that allows Jacksonville residents to learn firsthand from the people that lead the businesses and charities in their community. I have helped neighbors to become friends while introducing them to local businesses and charities since 2015. From being the founding publisher of PGA Village Living and market manager for Best Version Media, this has been my mission. Now in Jacksonville, I am one of the publishers of Riverside Avondale Neighbors, Ortega Neighbors and San Marco Neighbors.

I began my career with an accounting degree working for a CPA firm in New York. Having a passion for business, I opened a few businesses with college and high school friends. My most successful business was a local teen prom magazine. It was the first prom magazine in the country. At its peak, Prom Guide reached well over 1 million high school students. This segued into teen events; some of which were televised and at big venues like Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. They often included celebrities, radio personalities and top recording artist like Bad Boy’s (led by Shaun “Puff Daddy” Combs) 112. The passing of my father made me pause and refocus on family, friends, and community. Through Good Neighbors Podcast Jacksonville, I will never forget the importance of bringing people together.


  • To bring the local businesses and residents of Jacksonville, FL together.

  • To enhance the ‘Know, Like and Trust Factor’ of our featured guest and their


  • To provide our featured guest a valuable resource that can be used in numerous ways to grow their business.

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Garfield Bowen

Executive Producer, Good Neighbor Podcast JAX

Publisher: Riverside Avondale Neighbors, Ortega Neighbors, San Marco Neighbors


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